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SafeStart evolves the safety thinking of leaders and workers to not only consider a safe workplace and the safe choices people make, but also what they do subconsciously. It engages people personally and assists them to build new personal safety skills and modify existing habits to safer ones.

We know that safety, especially personal safety, cannot be outsourced. Because of this, our approach is to build the necessary SafeStart skills within your organisation (at all levels) so you can manage it for yourself. As such, our focus is:

  • To help you introduce SafeStart: Third Generation Safety to your organisation.

  • To act as a “guide on the side” throughout your organisation’s journey.

  • To skill leaders and workers fully at all levels of the organisation to enable you to be self-sufficient.

All SafeStart implementations are tailored specifically to the site and organisation.

A typical example is provided below.

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