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SafeStart changes the personal safety habits of workers.

We use more than two decades of practical experience, neuroscience and behavioural research to develop and implement leading edge processes that help build personal safety skills by engaging with all levels of the organisation. 

Our success is due to a combination of:

  • Bringing “structure to common sense” for the individual and the organisation, thereby helping people change the way they think about their personal safety.

  • Skilling-up leaders for effective engagement with workers.


The SafeStart process does not involve blame or fault; it helps people manage the cognitive neural patterns that make us human. In other words, we help people understand, in a simple manner, that 95% of what they do is driven by their subconscious mind, something most people are not even aware of.

We refer to the SafeStart process as Third Generation Safety because it is fundamentally different from focusing on “compliance” (First Generation Safety) or having a “safety is a choice” mindset (Second Generation Safety). First and Second Generation Safety are important to keep people safe, but are not enough to prevent all incidents.

When SafeStart is implemented, people make up to 90% fewer mistakes enabling them to comply more and make safe choices which in turn, contributes to a positive safety culture.

So for us, it’s not a matter of having to choose between First, Second or Third Generation Safety. To achieve the best safety performance requires aligning all three so they can work together collectively. We believe that this is so important that it is all we do.

Our clients include Boral, Peabody Energy, Campbell Arnott’s, Hydro Tasmania, SunRice, Ku-ring-gai Council and many more.

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