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Media Events

SIA OHS Professional Magazine - September 2016.

Featured in article - Skilling safety up through training and education (Pages 24-26)


SIA OHS Professional Magazine - July 2016.

Featured in article - Boral: building solid (Page 16)


NSW Mining HSEC Conference – August 2016 in Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

Presented “What Can Safety Learn from Neuroscience?" to over 200 mining industry representatives.


Global Annual SafeStart Conference – July 2016 in Belleville, Canada.

Presented “The Neuroscience of SafeStart” to over 80 SafeStart Consultants and Account Managers.


Otago Southland Employers Association Keynote – June 2015 in Dunedin and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Presented “What Can Safety Learn from Neuroscience?" to over 100 industry representatives.

Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA) OH&S Conference Keynote - April 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand

Presented “Keeping Mind On Task" to over 300 industry representatives.

We have received some excellent feedback for Cristian’s presentation at the EMA conference! He received the highest speaker score of the day of 4.44/5.

Some of the comments included…
“Great presentation!! Very interesting and what we want at these conferences!”
“Made you think.”
“This was fantastic! So accurate in what he said. It is a worry when people can switch off and thinking becomes unnecessary. I loved the enthusiastic way in which Cristian presented this thought.”

Cristian in CEO Magazine – September 2014

Cristian on Q-Radio with Alan Kohler – May 2014

Safety Snippets: The Three Legged Stool of Personal Safety – February 2014

Safety Snippets: The pattern that leads to inattention or human error – January 2014

Cristian at Safety In Action – November 2013

Cristian on Q-Radio - with Alan Kohler
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