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Introductory Sessions & Webinars

Introductory Session (half day for leaders)


The purpose of this half day session is to provide information to leaders about SafeStart in order for them to be able to decide whether it is the next step for the organisation.

The session focuses on:

  • What is SafeStart, how and why it works.

  • The implementation process.

  • Expected results.


This is an ideal opportunity to gain insight into SafeStart and ask questions that can help your organisation to improve safety performance significantly.

Webinars (45 minutes)

The purpose of this 45 minute webinar is to provide an introduction to SafeStart for people who are interested in learning more about it.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain a basic understanding of what SafeStart is, what it can achieve for your organisation and why it is different to other safety initiatives.

If you are interested in hosting an introductory session or being part of one of our webinars,

please contact us on +61 2 8844 8100.

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